Our New Chango’s Tortilla Chips bag goes out on the road today.We really love this one as it looks like we have created a completely new brand within the sector.

We came up with the name after a bit of word play with ch ch cheesy and ch ch chilli. Ch ch Chango’s had what we wanted straight away and evokes the style of the snack perfectly. We added the little mule kicking to underline the fab chilli kick you get from this really tasty chip, plus he gives the pack a little bit more Mex style!

Notice on the left of the pack the pen sketch idea  I had after playing  with the words to get the layout…we didn’t really want to call it Bobby’s Chilli Cheese Tortilla Chips…so that’s how we arrived at the name and pretty much design all in one go.

The major plus was no one else had the name on a snack product, plus everyone at Bobby’s loved it.