Lodge Farm Kitchen

Lodge Farm Kitchen

After last years revamp of the logo and packaging, we’re so chuffed that sales have gone up and all has been very well received by retailers and consumers alike.
John loves the fact that when we met him to discuss at The Feathers in Ledbury, I did a little pen sketch on a scrap of paperĀ  while he was talking to show my thoughts of how it could look!

It was pretty accurate of how the job ended up… proper old fashioned “fag packet design”!

Seriously though, John and Louisa are massively committed to producing the best pre prepared food we’ve ever tasted and are just such nice people.

This was shown to us when we attended the grand opening at Ross of the new production unit. Jesse Norman the local MP did the honours and seems to really back local enterprise….any way, John said some really nice and complimentary things about us and our work which was really quite inspirational. Nice cake as well BTW.

Louisa is the cooking talent I should have said and is a really exceptional foodie. She makes the best prepared frozen food you can get in my opinion.
In fact anything she makes is delicious…she did a chocolate pizza when we were at the farm one night…sounds weird but it worked!
The LFK range gets sold in some pretty upmarket outlets too, so they deserve success and we do all we can to make that happen.

On the strength of that I reckon anyone reading this needs to give them a try. Order at www.lodgefarmkitchen.com or many farm shops and posh outlets!

We’ve all been working on a new exciting product too. Louisa has now perfected the recipe and we’re waiting on trading standards to finalise.

It taps in to the new Paleo diet trend which is going mad in the States and due to take off in a big way here, mainly because of the massive health benefits.

I’ll put a pic on of it is as soon as I square it with LFK. We don’t want to give any competitors ideas do we!

Exhibition to update for the Farm Shop and Deli show at the NEC in April too aaaaarg!! plus we haven’t done all the ads yet!!!