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    Full of organic goodness and a favourite of Paleo diet followers, Lodge Farm’s new additional brand The Osius Bone Broth Company is currently enjoying huge success and is sold by Amazon, Primal Meats, Love Life, plus many more outlets. Louisa and John were early to realise how good this superfood product could be if it was produced properly and packaged accordingly for the market. After much consideration by all of us, Jane did a few very simple, light and modern designs for the packaging which were immediately liked, so we implemented that new look across the range and on to exhibition and printed material. Just goes to show how working with your clients and not just for them actually brings great benefits…just like Bone Broth. Why not give some a try, we have and it also makes a base for some amazing gravy!


    Our New Chango’s Tortilla Chips bag goes out on the road today.We really love this one as it looks like we have created a completely new brand within the sector.

    We came up with the name after a bit of word play with ch ch cheesy and ch ch chilli. Ch ch Chango’s had what we wanted straight away and evokes the style of the snack perfectly. We added the little mule kicking to underline the fab chilli kick you get from this really tasty chip, plus he gives the pack a little bit more Mex style!

    Notice on the left of the pack the pen sketch idea  I had after playing  with the words to get the layout…we didn’t really want to call it Bobby’s Chilli Cheese Tortilla Chips…so that’s how we arrived at the name and pretty much design all in one go.

    The major plus was no one else had the name on a snack product, plus everyone at Bobby’s loved it.


    This funky new kids product follows our Mega Sour Character evolving from a lollipop to a squeeze pop and now a spray.The picture shows me putting the finishing touches to the character illustration. As with all Bobby’s characters, this was all hand drawn and rendered by myself. Incidentally, all their product logo’s are produced by us in the same way.That’s how we keep them totally unique to Bobby’s. A fast response re-order has got them back in store for even more sales.Check out all the fantastic products (and all of our designs) at


    Louisa tempts QVC’s Charlie Brook with her delicious ready meals. Our new packaging design looks pretty tasty too and demonstrates the brilliant on shelf/freezer standout and product recognition we achieved with the rebrand. Have a look at the full video here









  • Lodge Farm Kitchen

    After last years revamp of the logo and packaging, we’re so chuffed that sales have gone up and all has been very well received by retailers and consumers alike.
    John loves the fact that when we met him to discuss at The Feathers in Ledbury, I did a little pen sketch on a scrap of paper  while he was talking to show my thoughts of how it could look!

    It was pretty accurate of how the job ended up… proper old fashioned “fag packet design”!

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  • Nose2Tail

    We’ve got two new products for N2T on the go as well!! Great aluminium pump bottles with direct printing for here and the USA.

    It involved me drawing a lovely flowery cat to match the dog…all good fun and the result looks great.

    I can’t show pics yet as all our clients’ development work is of course confidential until they are released on the market.

    By the way, N2T dog food is brilliant and top stuff for your pet…have a look at

  • Bobby’s Foods

    After last years immense Bobby’s Foods FIR requirement artwork updates and new pack designs, we chugged back into action this year and soon
    were into a re-brand for Bobby’s corporate which we have now completed, including some snazzy new van designs which are now
    to be seen all over the nation!!

    As always, some fantastic new products are in here at the mo getting the Frolic treatment… two particularly very exciting snacks to be added to the range!
    Very tasty… we could do with some more samples Dave!

    Check out their website at and see all our hard work!