General News


    Further to the design work we had already produced for the three churches of the parish, we were asked to modernise and refresh the old existing signage to incorporate the new logo for each church. The basic logo shape of the heart was also included to represent other activities of the parish and has worked well and successfully across all of their various media outlets. See how the look works here


    We were approached to produce logos for this working estate in Herefordshire. Quality fruit growing as well as traditional farming are the two main areas of activity on the estate. We were asked to produce a logo which could be easily adapted to represent these sectors across various media and for domestic use on the estate. A traditional feel with a contemporary twist was how we approached the design with the addition of graphic images to support the different sectors.


    Our client Guthrie Roberts have an exciting new project in Worcester City centre.This is the complete reworking of the Old Fire Station building on Deansway. The building will be completely transformed into luxury apartments with some retail below and offer stylish contemporary living in the heart of Worcester. Our brief was to design a logo that reflected the feel of the building and then produce a brochure which could capture the imagination of potential buyers. We went through many ideas and names and finally ended up with the obvious one! The brochure can be viewed here.


    Bone broth fans are going wild for the new Wild Game Broth from Osius. It’s packed with rich flavours and has many additional health benefits, as do all of the broths in the range. This is serious foodie stuff! As with the other packs, we’ve created some simple images to complement the main ingredients. If you want to try a bowl of benefits, go to or direct from

  • Snack Smart

    This is our new pack for Bobby’s Fruit & Nut Mix. We wanted this pack to convey a “healthier option” grab and go snack product. The design follows what we’ve already done on the other Bobby’s nut packs, but a little more dynamic with our fruit and nut illustrations bursting out from the logo. Having studied other like products out there, we made ours much stronger to stand up against everyday snacks and not just a health food shop eat. It’s a well filled pack and great value.Just launched, so hoping lots of people Snack Smart! See all our designs for Bobbys at


    This is a very interesting project for us.We were asked to design and print a number of booklets featuring different walks around Malvern focusing on some of the rare and amazing trees we are lucky enough to have in the town on the way. Tree name, picture, information and other fascinating facts are all there reflecting the development of the town and the people that shaped it. Famous visitors, artists and musicians were all drawn here when these trees were a bit younger. The booklets feature various walks around this Victorian gem and are available from Malvern Tourist Information and other shops in the town.


    We’ve recently designed some whacky new vans for Bobby’s which will be seen first in the London area some time soon.New characters are being drawn by us constantly, but we chose some old favourites and best selling packs to feature on this design, then put them in a road race environment with an illustration drawn by us to suit.Vibrancy and fun are key features of the confectionery side of Bobby’s products and the vans offer a perfect billboard space to convey this wherever they go.Lots more of our characters and pack designs at


    Packaging design has to do it’s job. This is demonstrated very well here. When a new product comes into this competitive market it has to have impact from day one. We loved the product, it looked good and tasted good too, so we had to really ramp up the styling and colours to give it a strong image good enough to compliment the product. Burger Bites all came together, product selection by Bobbys, pack design by ourselves, marketing and sales by Bobbys. The first production run sold out! Job Done.


    Our client Guthrie Roberts asked us to produce a brochure to help promote their new development of luxury apartments in Upton on Severn.The logo came together quite quickly as the site was ¬†originally a pear orchard, so we had a good direction to follow. An added bonus was that we had some brilliant photography by Malvern’s top photographer Jan Sedlacek, so all came out very well. Looking forward to working on the next one! More can be seen on the Guthrie Roberts website which we also designed including their new logo.


    Visitors were given a treat at Hanbury Show this year courtesy of Bobby’s newly wrapped Sprinter Van, with design and artwork by Frolic. Lots of goodies were available and everyone agrees it certainly has stand out! It’s part of Bobby’s latest marketing push to show presence at events and meetings throughout the year, where they can promote the fun (and tasty) aspects of the current product range.We really need some character costumes now but who is going to wear them, that’s the challenge. Incidentally,we also redesigned the logo design for the Hanbury Countryside show a couple of years ago.