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    Packaging design has to do it’s job. This is demonstrated very well here. When a new product comes into this competitive market it has to have impact from day one. We loved the product, it looked good and tasted good too, so we had to really ramp up the styling and colours to give it a strong image good enough to compliment the product. Burger Bites all came together, product selection by Bobbys, pack design by ourselves, marketing and sales by Bobbys. The first production run sold out! Job Done.


    Our client Guthrie Roberts asked us to produce a brochure to help promote their new development of luxury apartments in Upton on Severn.The logo came together quite quickly as the site was ¬†originally a pear orchard, so we had a good direction to follow. An added bonus was that we had some brilliant photography by Malvern’s top photographer Jan Sedlacek, so all came out very well. Looking forward to working on the next one! More can be seen on the Guthrie Roberts website which we also designed including their new logo.


    Visitors were given a treat at Hanbury Show this year courtesy of Bobby’s newly wrapped Sprinter Van, with design and artwork by Frolic. Lots of goodies were available and everyone agrees it certainly has stand out! It’s part of Bobby’s latest marketing push to show presence at events and meetings throughout the year, where they can promote the fun (and tasty) aspects of the current product range.We really need some character costumes now but who is going to wear them, that’s the challenge. Incidentally,we also redesigned the logo design for the Hanbury Countryside show a couple of years ago.


    Full of organic goodness and a favourite of Paleo diet followers, Lodge Farm’s new additional brand The Osius Bone Broth Company is currently enjoying huge success and is sold by Amazon, Primal Meats, Love Life, plus many more outlets. Louisa and John were early to realise how good this superfood product could be if it was produced properly and packaged accordingly for the market. After much consideration by all of us, Jane did a few very simple, light and modern designs for the packaging which were immediately liked, so we implemented that new look across the range and on to exhibition and printed material. Just goes to show how working with your clients and not just for them actually brings great benefits…just like Bone Broth. Why not give some a try, we have and it also makes a base for some amazing gravy!